“While You Sleep,
   the Lines are Forming”

Martyrstone Publishing was birthed from the urgency of the addressing the traumatic birth pains we now are experiencing. I have always been enamored by the Jewish prophets of old and the courage of their convictions in facing off their unrepentant nation. As Jeremiah, the prophets were all torn with an inner torment and a great fear for their failing nation. Jeremiah grew to dislike proclaiming the truth, because it only subjected him to ridicule and scorn; and yet when he resolved to quit, he found he could not follow through because the fire of God was burning in his bones and God’s provocation compelled him to speak forward. I have been feeling this same deep sense of conviction since receiving the Lord Jesus in my twenties. There is no question that the day is now upon us when we can see the final years of our nation’s collapse from the same decadent ignorance confounding all of the nations.